The history of Galicia is necessarily international, and it cannot be understood without considering the country’s strategic maritime position, and the Atlantic trade and migration routes it is a part of, including the American diaspora. Over the centuries we have developed a global profile in fields as diverse as economics, culture and language.

In this history of Galicia, A Coruña plays a major role. Since the 16th century, with the Casa das Especiarías (House of Spices) and even much earlier, beginning with the history of the harbor and with it the first Atlantic trade routes; up to the present times, marked by the growing impact of globalization and the economic and cultural internationalization of the city. Today, A Coruña is an intermediate global city, which stands out for its international, cultural and academic connectivity in so many ways…

All cities have a tourist map that points out tourist landmarks and prominent places that identify the tourist attractions of the city. We aspire to expand the idea of ​​this map to other attractions of the territory, linked to its international connectivity, both of spaces and actors.

The creation of the Map was intended to develop the Bases for the Council’s Foreign Action, which the Plenary Session supported as a whole in 2019 in the context of the reordering of Spanish and Galician foreign action. At that time it was identified that the City Council did not have information in international languages ​​other than tourist information of the city. In addition, the city’s global connectivity ecosystem was not identified.

The Map creates these materials in international languages ​​and identifies the organizational, institutional, logistical ecosystem… of the territory. With this identification of actors, progress can be made in a more orderly and impressive local external action, which in the end we understand enhances the territorial attractions and economic, human, cultural capital…

  • Project Manager: Daniel González Palau (IGADI)
  • Designer and Journalist: Xan Sabarís
  • Historical Advisor: Félix Longueira Fafián
  • Spanish Translator: Nuria Pahino Da Silva
  • Portuguese Translator: Morgana Matos
  • English Translator: Miguel González Álvarez
  • Chinese Translator: Baihui (Alba) Jia

Mapa da cidade global da Coruña

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Mapa da cidade global de A Corunha

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Mapa de la Ciudad Global de A Coruña

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A Coruña Global City Map

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Interactiva do Mapa da cidade global da Coruña, Relacións Internacionais e Historia
Interactiva A Coruña Global Hoxe